The T.E.A. Project

The T.E.A. Project

This is The T.E.A. Project (Training, Empowerment & Awareness).
Please share this film to help support our programmes if you can anyway you can. The project relies on public support for its survival.

These are the children we have dedicated our lives to & who your incredible & vital donations support and ensure are not forgotten:

'World Human Rights Day 2019 - 'Youth Standing Up for Human Rights'

World Human Rights Day brings awareness to The T.E.A. Project, promoting the voice of every child and actively engages with children to make change. We advocate for children and run education programmes to increase practical awareness of the universal rights and principles enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Support some of the most vulnerable children in society by giving them the opportunity to escape poverty. *£5,000 ($6,500) will support our free daily food programme for a whole year! T.E.A. ensure 100% of every donation goes to the children that need it by using a non-profit fundraising platform:

'T.E.A. need your support'. To donate your skills, to volunTEAr, provide essential company CSR support or raise awareness towards T.E.A. please email

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