Child Mediation Helpline

Child Mediation Helpline

Any divorce or family issue that goes to court e.g. when a mother or father claims financial support for their children, there is now a requirement that one parent if not both attend mediation.

The cost for these mediation sessions for couples is approximately £100 to £200 per hour.

In order for you to find a mediator, please click on the link below.

At stop child cruelty , we offer a free session focused totally on the needs of the children and emphasise how children must not be used as pawns and the issues of parent alienation and the effects sometimes resulting in suicide, mental health issues and self harming that can occur with all parties.

Please ring 07951 120 507 to book your session which we can run over the phone. We are very busy so appointments can take a while. Sorry.

In the session, we can also provide links to important forms such as the C100 live with order and the E1 form schedule 1 financial application or click on the links to down load for yourselves.

Good luck, we are here to help.


Mediatiors for divorce (charges apply by each mediator)

C100 Live with order forms

E1 Form for financial relief