About Us

About Us

At stopchildcruelty.org we are committed to fighting injustice in the world. We do this through our website and our online petitions to governments. We want to eradicate child cruelty, child hunger, child poverty, child abuse and child bullying. All our services will be free of charge and donations from the general public will be accepted to cover running costs i.e. admin costs including website costs, marketing costs e.g. SEO Marketing and fees associated with spreading awareness of preventing child cruelty.
We also donate some of our funds to charities such as Barnados and the NSPCC.

Our Constitution can be obtained from writing to us at info@stopchildcruelty.org.
stopchildcruelty.org is working for the public benefit to eradicate child cruelty in particular but not exclusively by education and mediation.
A key aim of ours in particular but not exclusively is to educate parents and those in the justice and legal system of the importance of not using children as pawns and the long term emotional effects this has on the children.

We are concerned in particular but not exclusively with the care and upbringing of children in particular those facing emotional abuse when being used as pawns when parents separate or divorce.
We are concerned domestic law provides little or no protection for such rights. We would look to promote justice for children, where all the parties with a stake in the process are educated. We would via our website platform increase awareness for the need for education, mediation, conciliation or reconciliation as between persons, organisations, authorities or groups involved or likely to become involved in dispute or inter-personal conflict for example not just the parents but also authorities e.g. the Police and CPS.

We will petition the authorities in order to raise awareness of children’s rights issues, securing the well being of children with the enforcement of their rights under law.
We will look to act in mediation as well as education:
Promoting good relations between opposing persons of different racial groups and educational levels enabling people to understand the critical needs for the children’s emotional well being.

We will look to reduce children’s suffering, as well as the promotion of mental health. It will include conventional methods of experienced counselling which are concerned with the healing of the mind, body and spirit in the alleviation of symptoms and the cure of illness.
We will look to ease the suffering of children and assist the recovery of children who have been emotionally abused during the process of separation or divorce. Our charity will fully support prevention of cruelty to children by supporting the NSPCC and other children’s charities. We will look to assist the victims of emotional or physical abuse.

A key aim will be the advancement of education of all parties into supporting the emotional well being of children.
Education will not just be limited to a classroom environment.
But will promote, sustain and increase individual and collective knowledge and understanding of the emotional and physical well being of the children.
Our charity’s purpose is for the relief and assistance of children in need especially those suffering emotional abuse as a result of parents divorcing or separating being used as pawns. We will focus initially in the west midlands but we will support anyone from any part of the UK irrespective of race, creed or colour who are the victims of abuse and assist those parents who divorce will possibly create the potential for abuse, this will be done by supplying them with counselling and educating parents and others in the process.
Outcomes are set up to achieve.

The relief of emotional abuse for children for the public benefit as victims caught up in divorce and separation initially in the West Midlands and eventually the rest of the UK.
To advance such charitable purposes (according to the law of England and Wales) as the trustees see fit from time to time in particular but not limited to advancing the education of parents for the public benefit by offering support to parents on how to bring up children in a non violent way and not to use children as pawns in proceedings. We will support parents who are suffering from depression in order that the children don’t become victims.